Muse – Simulation Theory

Over the years Muse have become the masters of reinvention, seemingly able to transform between albums and constantly keeping their fan base guessing as to what direction they would go next. Even with this fluctuating history, their eighth studio output Simulation Theory (Warner Bros.) was a high-stakes gamble, even for Muse.Continue reading

Alfahanne – Det Nya Svarta

Alfahanne reminds me of Mötley Crüe circa Theatre of Pain. They had an edgy flair and a taste for real danger, but were a bit vacant when it came to the music. The pseudo black n’ roll found in Det Nya Svarta (Indie) isn’t as compelling or as exciting as the exterior presentation would suggest. And if any Mötley Crüe fans are reading this, Theatre of Pain ain’t that hot. The Crüe found their groove on the very solid Dr. Feelgood (both Elektra).Continue reading