Listen to Anti-Flag’s New Single and Lyric Video “Christian Nationalist”

Long-running political Punks Anti-Flag have just dropped a new single and lyric video for the song ‘Christian Nationalist. The new single follows their 2017 full-length, American Fall, and 2019 live album, Live Vol. 2, and Anti-Flag is currently putting the final touches on a new studio album with more details t0 come soon. In their trademark style, Anti-Flag are firey progressives, but not just yelling from their soapbox, but inspiring and activating change within and without the broken systems that govern us. The song is a dire warning to “white neo-fascist supremacists” in positions of power who use oppression to maintain control over others. Watch the video and purchase the track now! Continue reading

MSRY – Safety First

MSRY is the band that felt like the hardcore classification simply wasn’t enough, so they branded themselves as Miserable Hardcore. I first misread that as “melodic hardcore” but melody is in short supply on their self-released Safety First EP. Misery, however, is available in spades and that’s without mentioning the surplus of rage. And how does a power trio sans bassist work up such ugly emotions? By taking a look at the world at large, of course. Continue reading