New Years Day – Unbreakable

If Wes Craven was a genre of music, it would be New Years Day. For the most part, Ash Costello and gang have depended on a recipe of heartbreak mixed in with edgy guitars and a punk rock attitude. On their fourth release Unbreakable (Another Century) they break free from their comfort zone with a more confident, electro-fused, uplifting follow-up. Continue reading


The Picturebooks Plot European Tour Dates With Clutch

Hot on the heels of announcing an extensive European tour, The Picturebooks have announced they will act as the direct support to Clutch in November and December as well. The band is currently in the studio recording the follow-up to last year’s Home Is a Heartache (Another Century). Continue reading

Art Of Anarchy – The Madness

Cast your misconceptions aside; it’s fine, you don’t have to pretend you don’t have them, I know you do. Yes, it’s Scott Stapp (wasn’t he the guy from Creed who ended up out ‘there’, homeless and bankrupt and blah blah blah?) and, yes, it’s Bumblefoot (wasn’t he the guitarist in Guns n’ Roses when they were shit and blah blah blah?) and aren’t they uncool, and all that other bollocks that clouds the judgement and blah blah blah becomes far too important for far too many people…?


And, to quote the immortal… So fucking what? Continue reading

Righteous Vendetta – Cursed

Cursed (Another Century) hits a lot harder than Wyoming Metalcore quintet Righteous Vendetta’s past works, such as the Lawless (Red Cord) album and the Defiance EP (Street Smart). Sadly, though, it is an album that falls short of their promising reputation, and, yes, it is a heavy album, but upping the ante seems to have cost them their originality. Continue reading

The Picturebooks – Home Is A Heartache

Gütersloh may be a long way from the Louisiana swamps, but German two-piece The Picturebooks sound like they were born and raised on nothing but the Blues along the Mississippi. The band’s sophomore release and début for Another Century, Home Is A Heartache, is raw Blues Rock stripped to the bare essentials; a fuzzy guitar, stomping drums, and soulful vocals. Continue reading

New Years Day – Malevolence

New Years Day Malevolence

Describing themselves as ‘Hauntedmansioncore’, it is hard to call New Years Day anything other than unique. Their gothic style has won them masses of fans from across the world and their third album Malevolence (Another Century) will be released in early October.

Opening track ‘Kill Or Be Killed’ is quite simply a catchy rock song, full of distorted guitars and angry lyrics. Ash Costello’s clean vocals are extremely powerful, demanding the full attention of the listener. Although from a first glance their music and image may just seem to appeal to teenagers there is much more to New Years Day than meets the eye, and their music is sophisticated enough for even the older generation to enjoy.

‘Relentless’ features lyrics which prove that Ash and co. will not be brought down by rumours and drama with other bands: “They are fixated on bringing down my name, the grudges that you hold have no effect on me.” This song is almost empowering and proves that New Years Day are definitely here to stay.

One song which is sure to appeal to the younger generation is ‘Anthem Of The Unwanted’. The group vocals are catchy and almost impossible not to sing along to. There is also an unmissable vibe of teenage rebellion and anarchy incorporated into this song, and it would probably be extremely easy for Ash to influence a new wave of youngsters into the gothic/horror scene.

Title-track ‘Malevolence’ sounds as though it was taken from an upcoming horror movie due to the haunting riffs and Ash’s dominant clean vocals. Their macabre yet upbeat music is unlike anything you will have ever heard.

Malevolence is New Years Day’s most sophisticated and impressive album yet. It is clear to see that the California-based group are still able to write powerful and almost addictive rock anthems which will appeal to fans both young and old.





Century Media Records Reportedly Sold to Sony for 17 Million Dollars


Long running specialty metal label Century Media Records has been acquired by Sony Music Entertainment for 17 Million dollars. Although not yet confirmed by the label themselves, this news has been long rumored and now reported by Music Business Worldwide, a reputable industry source of news.

Launching the careers of countless commercial and critically successful rock and metal groups, the label was founded in 1988 by Robert Kampf with co-owner Oliver Withöft coming on a year and a half later. Withöft died in 2014.

Century Media’s parent company, The Century Family has several sub-labels under its umbrella such as Another Century, InsideOut Music, People Like You, and Superball.