Watch Metallica Play “One” Live In California in 1988

As Metallica closes in on next week’s release of their deluxe remastered and expanded edition of …And Justice For All (Blackened Recordings), the band continues to share new videos and audio clips from deep in their vaults. Watch this sick live clip of the band playing ‘One’ from thirty years ago, recorded live on December 7th, 1988, at Long Beach Arena in Long Beach, CA. Continue reading

Metallica Shares Video Of Them Playing “Harvester Of Sorrow” In A Bar From 1989

As Metallica approaches the November release of the remastered deluxe edition of …And Justice For All (Blackened Recordings), the band continues to share audio and video rarities from their vault. Watch fan-filmed footage of the band playing ‘Harvester of Sorrow’ in a college bar in Delaware, on the Damaged Justice Tour in 1989. Continue reading

Metallica Shares Video Performance Of “Dyers Eve” From 2004

Metallica continues to share unreleased video and audio versions from the upcoming remaster of …And Justice For All, to celebrate thirty years since that albums’ release. Watch a video from a live performance from 2004 of ‘Dyers Eve’. Metallica resumes their second leg of their US World Wired Tour this week. Continue reading

Metallica Shares Demo Of “The Shortest Straw”

Metallica is releasing a deluxe edition of their 1988 album …And Justice For All from their label Blackened Records on November November 2nd. This latest track is an early version of ‘The Shortest Straw’ which they recorded in drummer Lars Ulrich‘s garage in El Cerrito, CA in December of 1987. The track is the latest rarity in a series of new tracks the band is releasing along with the remaster of the proper AJFA album. Continue reading

Metallica Unveils “Lady Justice” Funko Pop


In honor of And Justice For Allturning 30 years old earlier this month, Metallica have unveiled their very own “Lady Justice” Funko Pop! doll. The stylized Lady Justice stands 3 3/4 inches tall, comes in a window display box, and is available for pre-order now. Order it because some of you are obsessed with Metallica nad need every single thing they sell, or just feed you odd addiction to Funko Pops, because they rule so hard!

Continue reading

Metallica’s “And Justice For All” Turns 30!

Today marks the thirtieth anniversary of Metallica’s And Justice For All (August 25th for some lucky folks in Europe). It was technically amazing, featured great songwriting, and immediately divided the fans. Sure every Metallica album has been an intentional departure from the last (see also David Bowie, Madonna, Deftones), but this album definitely jarred the fanbase when it first dropped. Sure we’ve heard over and over about the lack of bassor the inaudible bass, the “let’s see you play this!” long songs of over the top technicality, and the rushed solos Kirk Hammett recorded. Still, it’s an incredible, mostly heavy document of the band in one sense at a peak they have yet to return to creatively. Let’s take a quick look back at And Justice For All…Continue reading

Metallica Announces And Justice For All Remasters, Pre-Orders Go Live

On the thirtieth anniversary of Metallica’s massive breakthrough hit album And Justice For All… the band has revealed a massive slew of packages and special versions. The vinyl editions were even made on Metallica’s own press! See the details below in the unboxing video hosted by Kirk Hammett. Pre-orders just went live and supplies are limited on some items, so order now at the link below.Continue reading

Metallica Teases Deluxe Remaster Of “And Justice For All”, Tour Begins Tomorrow

In a post to their Twitter account, Metallica teased their long-promised deluxe remaster of their classic 1988 album And Justice For All… (Elektra). They shared a short video, along with the hashtag #comingsoon. The band formed their own label, Blackened Records, to put out new records and specifically to release remasters of their back catalog, which they own the rights to, a rarity for most bands. Past deluxe remasters of albums like Ride The Lightning and Master of Puppets have included versions on CD, custom vinyl, and special editions too. AJFA contains classic anthems like ‘One’, ‘Blackened’, ‘Shortest Straw, ‘Eye Of The Beholder’ and more, but has been a source of contention of fans for years of its infamous lack of audible bass guitar. Metallica kicks off the new leg of their World Wired Tour tomorrow in Madison, WI. Continue reading