ALBUM REVIEW: Trivium – In The Court Of The Dragon

By the time Floridian thrashers Trivium released their second album, Ascendancy (Roadrunner Records) in 2005, the band were locked firmly into an upward trajectory which promised nothing short of global domination. Unfortunately, things didn’t quite work out as planned but the four-piece still remain one of the most successful metal acts around today despite having to constantly push against an unrelenting tide of haters who decided sometime during the mid-late ’00s that Trivium just weren’t metal enough any more or something.

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Trivium Drops a New Single – “Bleed Into Me”, New Album Out This Week!

Trivium, featuring Matt Heafy [vocals, guitar], Corey Beaulieu [guitar], Paolo Gregoletto [bass], and Alex Bent [drums] — will release their ninth full length, What The Dead Men Say (read our review here), through Roadrunner Records this Friday, April 24. The album, which was produced by Trivium and Josh Wilbur, is available for pre-order at the links below. The band just dropped a new single ‘Bleed Into Me.’ Listen below! Trivium is embarking on a series of release week events. On the actual Friday, April 24 release date, Heafy will do a full album playthrough on his massively popular Twitch channel at 3pm ET / 8pm BST. The band also announced these release week activities:Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Trivium – What The Dead Men Say

There was a time when it looked like Trivium were going to be huge. Seriously huge. Arriving on the scene with two critically acclaimed albums, they rose fast, eventually exploding onto the international platform with a career-defining performance at Download Festival in 2005. Continue reading

PODCAST: EPISODE 78 – Corey Beaulieu of Trivium on New Album, New Realities

Ghost Cult caught up with Trivium shredder Corey Beaulieu at home recently for an interview. Trivium’s new album What The Dead Men Say is out April 24th via Roadrunner Records. Corey talked about the new album, how the new material came together, keeping his playing chops up, the impact of the Coronavirus on touring, what Alex Bent has brought to the band, what touring with Megadeath and Lamb of God In Flames means to him, Trivium’s place as a veteran band in the scene, thoughts on the Ascendancy days and 15th anniversary of their first major US tour Ozzfest 2005, some future plans, and more! You can pre-order the new album here:

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Trivium – The Sin And The Sentence


Eight albums into their illustrious career, Trivium have this veteran band stuff down pat. With almost 20 years in as a band, and over 15 with recorded output, long in the rear-view is the time when they were the very young upstarts in the jaded metal world. Trivium are not trying to reinvent the wheel, unveil a jarring new genre influence, or convert fans from the latest fad of the month at Hot Topic. Nope. Trivium keeps on chugging album after album, with their blend of neo-thrash love, metalcore breakdowns, shreddy solos, and their NWOBHM-inspired catchiness. Their new album The Sin And the Sentence (Roadrunner) has all those things in place. Continue reading

Road Tested: Kyle Gunther of Battlecross

Battlecross (via Facebook)

Battlecross (via Facebook)

Battlecross is part of a new breed of modern thrash metallers who have earned their stripes through constant touring and attracting new fans along the way. Since their beginnings in 2003, the band has built their brand from the ground up, and never looked back.

They have completed recording their forthcoming album Rise To Power (out August 21, 2015 via Metal Blade Records) and are about to complete their Los Angeles stop on their now completed North American tour supporting Crowbar. Frontman Kyle “Gumby” Gunther, nursing a sore back, talked about the tour after their longest time off of the road in a while.

The Crowbar dudes are extremely awesome. They’re always out and always doing something there. They invited everyone on the bus a couple of times. We rarely see a headliner that acts like that. They’re really awesome dudes. The show’s been good. No bum nights yet,” he said.

In the last four years, these past four months is the longest I’ve been at my house. We try to keep a seven or eight month tour schedule every year. We’ve hit that three out of four years.

Battlecross, by Meg Loyal Photography

Battlecross, by Meg Loyal Photography


Coining the tag “blue collar thrash metal,” Battlecross are notorious for being road dogs, but also are constantly writing new material for future releases.

They write on the road. It’s pretty much Tony [Asta, guitars] and Hiran [Deraniyagala, guitars] write riffs and Don [Slater, bass] would write a song. Alex [Bent] would put his drums on it and I’ll try not to suck at lyrics,” he said, sarcastically.

He shared his writing process entering Rise To Power, and his approaches towards song topics. “[I write about] just everyday life. I don’t write mystical, stupid ass songs. That’ll never happen. I write songs about everyday life, and a lot of Game of Thrones references are going to be on the next album. I wonder who’s going to call me out on it? I went HARD into Game of Thrones.

What part of Game of Thrones inspired the writing on Rise To Power? “I love the Starks. Any story with the Starks in it is awesome. I named my dog Aria. Me and the old lady were trying to trick the kid into naming it Aria. He’s like ‘I don’t want that name!’ Yes Caleb [Gunther’s son] – that’s what we’re naming it.

Hiran Deraniyagala of Battlecross. Photo Credit: Meg Loyal Photography

Hiran Deraniyagala of Battlecross. Photo Credit: Meg Loyal Photography

While that is a small piece of what went into the new album, Gunther shared more about what was running through his mind towards lyrical topics.

I’ve got uplifting songs, and songs about the government and how it sucks. I’ve also got songs about how people suck – how they’re sheeple. My kid doesn’t take it sometimes very well when I go on tour and takes it out on me. I get that but it still hurts. I took that into consideration for one of the songs. We all leave home and we all leave our loved ones. So that’s what the song ‘Absence’ is about. It’s going to be our first music video. ‘Not Your Slave’ – pretty much self explanatory. I’m not your slave. You’ve got people that are like ‘my view is this’ and ‘my view is that.’ They don’t understand that you have a view as well and you’re entitled to that view. I appreciate everyone’s view but fuck off. I’ve got my own.

Their homebase of Detroit also becomes an inspiration for them as they watch their surrounding suffer through tough times. “Detroit was once known for working its ass off,” said Gunther. “We defeated the Nazis. Now the state’s left in shambles. Dow Chemical runs the thing and it sucks but whatever. We have a good time at it and we take that work ethic and go forth with it. I grew up in the Michigan that was the best state in the union. I’m not a rich ass kid but we didn’t go without. I would have been the sixth generation to work for General Motors, but then they left all of the jobs to go to different countries.

Tony Asta of Battlecross, by Meg Loyal Photography

Tony Asta of Battlecross, by Meg Loyal Photography.

The band returned to Audiohammer Studios to work with the production team of Jason Suecof to work on the new album. Being this is their third album, they have found ways to work together without changing too much of the chemistry between them.

We did it the same way we’ve done all of them. Jason Suecof and Mark Lewis did a bang up job on steering us in the right direction. They didn’t change anything. They were like ‘why don’t you try this?’ That worked out killer,” he said.

It’s fun watching two people with ADHD try to work together. Sessions are long. Fortunately enough, he had a band cancel after not being able to obtain visas when they had their time booked. He’s like ‘well I have this time open…’ [He] readjusted the pay and went on from there. We got an extra three weeks out of him. That was fucking awesome.

Being known for their craziness in the studio and some well documented antics involving musicians being thrown in the pool at the studio, Gunther shared his own experiences. “I actually had to go swimming for my phone in the pool. It took two of the biggest bounces I’ve ever seen a phone take into the pool. So it was a cold, rainy night and I was like ‘ah fuck it.’ I went in the pool.

Battlecross has now reached a pinnacle moment in their careers, and now they have placed various personal challenges on this one after setting the building blocks on their careers from the first two albums.

I only got to write one song on the first album,” said Gunther, looking back on the Pursuit of Honor. “They wrote that album over six years. That first album was no first album. It’s like ‘are you going to take this one? Sweet…’ We don’t have to write a new one. I was the new guy at the time. Take that and it’s like you wrote songs as a local band because you love to do it and that’s what you’re doing.

When we had to do War Of Will, it was like we’ve got to do something because we’ve been around. We knew we were going to [Rockstar] Mayhem [Festival]. We were doing big shit so this has got to be good. There was pressure. Metal Blade – on the first album, they were like ‘alright we’ll take that.’ On the second one, ‘alright we’ll need this…’ And on this one, the pressure was on. Third album – this is pretty much make it or break it, and I hope we make it. I hope we made it. Tour experience, playing with bands and it all came together.

Don Slater of Battlecross.

Don Slater of Battlecross, by Meg Loyal Photography.

Battlecross has ventured around the globe but there are still some spots they would like to hit on this upcoming tour run. “I want to go to Australia. I got to go to Germany. I got to go home. That was awesome. That was always a life goal to go to Germany and I’ve been twice. Even my sister was like ‘you motherfucker…’ That was cool.

Their hard work has been noticed by many people, but Gunther shared one of the compliments coming from an unexpected place. “It’s really cool when Matt [Byrnes, drums] from Hatebreed was like ‘hey we’re gonna hook you guys up for a tour…but you already have a tour! You’re always touring.’ So that’s actually a really big compliment for me from the Hatebreed dudes.

By Rei Nishimoto