ALBUM REVIEW: Obscura – A Valediction


The talent is evident and the production quality ever-present.

There are shining moments with songs that develop character and identity.

But the abundance of what comes off as shredding for the sake of it, and apparent filler shoe-horned in, tamps down the overall significance of Obscura’s A Valediction (Nuclear Blast).

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Ginkgo Shock Dawn – Inward | Flare

In the past few years, the Progressive Metal and Rock scene has become very crowded and, as a result, a lot of ideas end up being repeated endlessly and true originality does seem to be hard to come by in this increasingly saturated market of copycats. Even with their name, Ginkgo Shock Dawn appears to be left-of-center of the current trend and this is also somewhat true of their new album Inward | Flare (This Is Core).Continue reading

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Nevermore: “The Complete Collection” Due In March

Warrel Dane may no longer be with us, but like all legends we’ve lost, his music will live on forever. Century Media is making sure of that by releasing Nevermore‘s The Complete Collection on March 9th. Continue reading

Metal Hammer’s 100 Best Albums Of 2017

Earlier this week we revealed that Ghost Cult’s Album of the Year was Emperor Of Sand by Mastodon, and we weren’t alone in thinking so highly of the record. In their latest issue, the good people at Metal Hammer revealed their 100 Best Albums Of 2017, and the latest release from Mastodon topped their list as well. Continue reading

Anthrax, Clutch, Kreator, And Venom Among Black Friday ‘Record Store Day’ Releases

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