Sleep Leaks End of Year Shows in Chicago, Teases Going on Hiatus

Doom Metal greats Sleep have leaked three shows for the end of 2019 in Chicago at Thalia Hall. The band also shared a cryptic message to social media, teasing the band going on a possible indefinite hiatus. No official announcement has been made, but Facebook events for the three shows appeared this weekend (11/10/2019). The band returned from an eleven-year hiatus in 2009, and have toured semi-regularly for years, releasing a live album – Denver Colorado, The Clarity single (2014), an incredible full-length album The Sciences in 2018, the Leagues Beneath single (also 2018) and a second live album, Live at Third Man Records, released as part of Third Man’s exclusive Vault series. The band also played a career-spanning series of shows at 2019’s Roadburn Festival. Hopefully, this is not the end of the band, just the end of the band for now while the members’ other projects such as OM, High On Fire, and Neurosis come to the fore. Continue reading

Sleep – The Sciences

Like many phenomena in science, you can barely predict when it will happen, and even when you can, you are not always ready for it. Kind of like a comet, a unique blooming flower, or a blue moon, the rarest of events will make you appreciate being alive but also question your reality. If you experience a once in a lifetime event, count yourself lucky indeed. Fans of doom legends Sleep fans counted themselves lucky when the band, long dormant, came back to life in 2009. Since reforming, most would have been happy with just glorious live performances, insane volume in their ears, and all that weed smoke filling their lungs. But the band had other plans. After the single The Clarity (Adult Swim Singles), the band has been promising us a new album. Surprise releasing the album on 4/20 with one’s days’ notice is forgivable if you are this band only. Continue reading

Sleep – The Clarity

Back in September, Matt Pike dropped a bombshell on us with news of a new Sleep record some time in 2017. The new year has come and gone and prior posts on the band’s Facebook page suggest that that the boys have indeed been hard at work in the studio over the last few months. Continue reading

Sleep’s The Clairty To See Re-Release On Vinyl, Live Events This Weekend


Doom metal masters SLEEP have announced along with Southern Lord Recordings to re-release The Clarity on a special 12” Vinyl package. Details are below:Continue reading

Sleep – Earthless/Heavy Blanket Live at the House of Blues, Boston, MA

sleep event-poster-2764545

I recently had the opportunity to catch Sleep for the first time while on their current tour when they stopped to play the House of Blues in Boston. I had been able to touch base with guitarist Matt Pike a few weeks earlier when High on Fire came through Cambridge as part of Converse’s Rubber TracksLive tour. According to Pike, the show had sold out, another four hundred or so tickets were released, and it sold out for a second time. Excellent.

The venue was just as packed as expected, however, I did not expect the number of hipsters that I saw. From where I was, it seemed like they may have outnumbered everyone else there. I also saw a sparkly fedora. It was strange, but interesting. The merch line was ridiculous and even longer than most of the ones that I got stuck in at the GWAR-B-QUE the week before. I was lucky enough to make it in and out in under ten minutes but there were quite a few that were standing in line for the majority of the show while merchandise sold out faster than I’ve ever seen before.


Openers Earthless and Heavy Blanket (J. Mascius) took the stage together to play a good chunk of their EP In a Dutch Haze (Outer Battery Records) in one long instrumental piece. I have minimal knowledge of either entity outside of this single experience so I can only comment on them as whole. They were great and you really don’t need to use words when you can let the music speak for you instead.


Onto the main event! With a set clocking in at two hours, this was basically “An Evening with Sleep”. I’m used to seeing Pike play the role of front man with High on Fire, but I was great to finally see Al Cisneros in person. I’m pretty sure I annoyed the people around me enough with my Pike related fangirling anyway though. I just about lost it when they played ‘Aquarian’. Pretty much anything off of Holy Mountain (Earache Records) makes me babble incoherently and that album made up roughly half of their set, including the crowd favorite, ‘Dragonaut’. Other honorable mentions go to ‘From Beyond’, ‘Sonic Titan’, and ‘Dopesmoker’. We were also fortunate enough to witness the live debut of the band’s latest single ‘The Clarity’ which had been featured as part of the Adult Swim Singles program for 2014. The only thing I would have asked would have been the addition of ‘The Druid’ to the set list. Listen, I’m pretty sure we all would have stuck around for a three or four hour long performance. Maybe we’ll have better luck next time. Until then, heed their call and follow the smoke to the riff filled land.

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