GFM Shares New Video for “Taking Over”

Beauty-Core” power trio/band of sisters – GFM (Gold Frankincense & Myrrh) have shared a new video for their standalone single ‘Taking Over’! Produced by Joey Sturgis (Of Mice & Men, The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack!, Asking Alexandria), blends the band trademark catchiness and great vocals with the tenacity of bands like Slipknot! The track is the second single from their upcoming new EP. Watch the clip at the link below: Continue reading

Obscura – Akroasis

Obsucra Akroasis lbum cover 2016 - Copy

German technical death metallers Obscura have returned to produce a stellar album with their new release Akroasis on Relapse Records.

There are some really strong songs on display right from ‘Sermon of the Seven Suns’ which releases barrage of fast blasting beats, intense riffs and basslines. The songwriting does have a more notably Prog feel to it throughout. Tracks swirl around with the familiar alien feel with each instrument taking it’s turn in order to showcase the individual talents on display. Credit to some amazing production here.

Also in the mix are some Cynic-inspired jazzier elements thrown in, especially in ‘The Monist’ which serve to keep the listener interested and the use of slower sections and space demonstrate a confidence that allow the album to breathe. Throughout the album too as evident on title track ‘Akroasis’, and ‘Ten Sephiroth’ are the kind of blistering solo’s that make my fingers sore just listening.

‘Ode to the Sun’ opens up with some pumelling drums and percussion and a low end roaring vocals, taking a slow approach that the previous tracks it makes more use of syncopated drum rolls interspersed with the blast, slow sci-fi opera-esque breakdowns add depth and complexity to the already compositions which will appeal to their more proggier fans.

‘Fractal Dimension’ is a storming showcase of their tech side, there’s no doubting that Obscura are at their best when playing at full-throttle, the speed being emphasised by the contrasting slower elements in their compositions. ‘Perpetual Infinity’ is a good standout track with some strong sci-fi overtones, tight riffing, and spacey vocals which keep the foot tapping.

However, it’s the last track which takes the album which has up to now been a damn good and pushes it up a level. ‘Weltsteele’ seems the most solid realisation of the sound they are going for with the album as a whole. It really is the standout track by a considerable margin. A track which has a life all of its own, which breathes, and sways and tells a story. A mix of beauty and beast which stand apart from the rest of the album.

This is a great record, a mix of styles and a notable shift towards the Prog feel is welcome. ‘Weltsteele’ which steals the show to such an extent it could almost render the rest of the album irrelevant.



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