Health – Vol. 4 :: Slaves Of Fear

If you’ve been following the career of famed electronic/experimental/whatever powerhouse Health, then you’re probably already impatiently awaiting their next release. Their sound is unmatched by really anyone else, and at least in my opinion, they’ve never really made a bad record.Continue reading

Underground Metal Roundup – ft. Desecravity, Ars Magna Umbrae, Dødsfall and more…

There is so much going on in the underground worlds of Black and Death Metal, be it brutal, kvlt, heavy, introspective, or just generally interesting. Last year saw a raft of stellar releases, and the trend is set to continue at the onset of new year. Both genres seem to be experiencing a renaissance at the same time, and the result is genuinely exciting for underground Extreme Metal, with everything from standouts in each genre to amazing crossover projects. In our second underground spotlight of 2019, we here at Ghost Cult we have highlighted a few releases you should definitely have your eye on as we head through the winter months. Continue reading

Interview with Dorthia Cottrell of Windhand

Anyone who has been following the doom scene for the past decade is familiar with Windhand. The staple doom band hailing from Richmond, Virginia has dropped banger after banger and released powerful record after powerful record. Vocalist Dorthia Cottrell has been busy this whole time, as she not only heads up the band but also plays as a solo artist. I caught up with my old friend about all things Windhand and how she’s been doing. Continue reading