Adam Jones of Tool Teaches You How to Play “Pneuma” on Guitar

Adam Jones of Tool has shared a “guitar tutorial” video for the song ‘Pneuma’, a deep cut from their globally acclaimed album Fear Inoculum (Tool Dissectional Records). The guitarist uploaded the video to his Instagram account and he included the following message: “A little tutorial share. Dressing room guitar lesson of the last verse in ‘Pneuma’ made for my guitar friend and supporter Axe Of Creation while we were on tour (hmm… I can’t remember where we were…). 440 D dropped on the Nomad. Justin [Chancellor, bass] stays on the original riff so there are some nice little conflicting moments between the two parts. Not difficult to play but it’s very satisfying.” Tool was set to embark on an extensive spring tour in support of “Fear Inoculum”, but has postponed the entire outing due to the coronavirus pandemic. Drummer Danny Carey revealed that he hopes to get together soon with Jones and Chancellor to begin working on music for a new EP. Continue reading

Ghost Cult’s Top 10 News Stories of 2019

As we barrel into the new year we want to take one last look at our most popular news stories (by topic) on our website in 2019. Thanks for being here with us and choosing us for your music news, interviews, reviews and other entertaining content we try to provide daily! Continue reading

CONCERT REVIEW: Tool – Killing Joke: Live at The Barclays Center

The massive Tool tour tolled into the New York City area in mid-November, and there were telltale signs this was not your typical happening. Sure, Tool is an “event” live and there really is no other show like it on earth. That is not an exaggeration. Take the best arena Rock or Metal show you’ve ever seen and ratchet it up to eleven! That is what we are talking about here. In addition to the power of the record-breaking release of Fear Inoculum (Tool Disectional, Volcano, RCA) we were going to get to hear new songs live, some for the first time ever. All the stress Tool fans felt about the wait for the album and how would it be received have all melted away. Time for this very big deal of a show. Continue reading

Adam Jones of Tool Discusses The Bands’ Songwriting Process in a New Interview

In a new interview with Guitar World, Adam Jones discussed the making of Tool’s new album, Fear Inoculum, which marked the group’s first full-length release in 13 years. Asked where he and his bandmates were coming from when it came to writing this one, especially after so much time away, Jones said: “It’s so weird because it’s been so many years and I dread the interviews because I wish I had something new to say after so long, but it was very much the same approach we’ve always had. We’re just older, we have different things influencing us and other distractions in our life that slow us down, but it’s basically the same thing it’s always been. Continue reading

Watch All of Tool’s Music Videos, Uploaded to the Band’s YouTube Channel

The hits just keep in coming for Tool! In addition to their stunning new album Fear Inoculum, The band has shared all of its music videos on their YouTube Channel. In addition to the new Tool album being the first released in the streaming age, this is the first time the band has allowed their videos released beyond past music channels, their concerts and the sadly out of print Salival Video/DVD Boxed Set. Tool originally reached acclaim early in their career with their dark, incredibly crafted videos that matched their early singles. They were also a favorite of MTV‘s animated icons Beavis and Butthead. Adam Jones confirmed some time ago that they created a brand new video for the song ‘Opiate’, but it has yet to see the light of day. Maybe soon? We hope so. Continue reading

ALBUM PREVIEW: We Have Heard the New Tool Album and Here is What We Think So Far

Ghost Cult had the opportunity to visit RCA Records’ headquarters in New York City to take part in an exclusive Tool listening event for press for Fear Inoculum, releasing on August 30th. We appreciate being counted among the major media in attendance and getting to experience this highly anticipated new album. Although this is not a full review (check back next week), this contains our initial thoughts on Tool album number six. Continue reading

Adam Jones of Tool Shares Rehearsal Riffs for Welcome To Rockville

Adam Jones has been the most consistent and reliable source of Tool members for information about their new album, expected for release in the next few months. The band begins their 2019 run of festival appearances and headline dates at Welcome To Rockville this weekend. Jones just uploaded footage of him rehearsing for the show, with a riff that sounds a lot like the new Tool song ‘Descending’, which the band has performed live since 2015, but is said to be only a part of the entire song. The full track is expected to be released in its full form on the as yet not announced new album. Continue reading

O.R.k. – Ramagehead

No, I have no idea what a Ramagehead is either, but this quixotic and enigmatic title seems entirely apposite for a third album of psychedelic Progressive Rock from this most discerning and intriguing of collectives. Combining the talents of Porcupine Tree’s bass general Colin Edwin and King Crimson drummer Pat Mastelotto, this already sounds like a Fantasy Prog Band competition winner. Add in some vocals of an Obake vintage and you’re there. This could end up being the most intimidating and contrived ego-trip were it not handled carefully.

Ye of little faith.  Continue reading

GUEST POST: Adam Jones From Deathflux – Top Albums Of 2018

Nottingham UK Modern Metal band Deathflux leveled up in their career in 2018, releasing their killer new album, Execrated, and playing a ton of gigs and festivals to support it. Vocalist Adam Jones has shared his top albums of 2018, a heavy yet eclectic mix, with Ghost Cult’s readers. Continue reading