King Creature – To The Bone EP

Full disclosure here, when I saw the words “acoustic EP”, my toes curled up so far they nestled in my intestines and set off a chain reaction of cringing and shuddering. While King Creature may have established as a sturdy, powerful, energetic Blues Rocking act of growing repute, the acoustic EP is a difficult beast to digest (even without toes clogging up the tracts), with very few examples coming close to Alice In Chains Sap / Jar of Flies (Columbia) levels, and many more being indistinguishable filler littering the bargain bin of many a record store. Continue reading


Secrets – Renditions EP


Bands all across the metal and rock spectrum seem to be releasing a lot acoustic EPs recently, with bands such as Issues, Hands Like Houses and PVRIS trying to gain more fans by releasing stripped-back versions of their songs. California-based quartet Secrets are the latest post-hardcore band to try this tactic, but it is safe to say that they have made it work well. The acoustic and relaxed attitude of Renditions (Velocity/Rise) is the perfect summer playlist and works well for when you are not in the mood to hear screaming vocals, but still love alternative music.

Opening track ‘Forever and Never’ instantly sets the tone for the EP; slow-paced riffs and melodic vocals. Aaron Melzer and Richard Rogers are definitely using Renditions to their full advantage, demonstrating their unique vocal ranges and beautiful harmonies.

‘Dance of the Dead’ is full of well-written vocals and melodic harmonies. Although acoustic songs often sound simple, it is easy to hear exactly how much work has gone into this EP. The chorus is extremely catchy and it is definitely a stand-out song.

Third track ‘Fragile Figures’ proves that acoustic songs do not have to be boring; every song on this EP has its own unique style and sound completely different to the originals. It’s unusual to hear this song without its infamous harsh vocals and breakdowns; however, it proves that Secrets are multi-talented and able to appeal to a wide variety of music fans.

Final song ‘What’s Left of Us’ is one of the slowest songs on the EP, but it provides a fitting end to a beautiful record. The vocals are powerful and soulful, allowing you to completely absorb the lyrics and theme of the song. The almost orchestral sound is impressive and proves that Secrets are not just a one-trick pony; their music is universal and they are talented musicians.



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