Scorpion Child – Acid Roulette


This isn’t my first go around with Scorpion Child, and, honestly, they’ve just never really been able to catch or keep my attention for very long. That trend continues here with their second album Acid Roulette (Nuclear Blast Entertainment) with the exception of a few songs.

‘Moon Tension’ was the first track to grab my attention. It’s more dynamic than the songs that come before it rather than just sounding the same for three and a half minutes. I could find myself singing along to this. ‘Tower Grove’ follows immediately afterwards, keeps the energy going, and I actually did find myself singing along to the chorus. Both of these tracks continue to stand out to me through repeated listens. If the rest of the record could keep up with these two songs, then we’d really be talking.

While the concept of an album based upon the life and adventures of a man wrongly imprisoned for a murder sounds interesting, it just doesn’t do enough to bring this record to life. This album fits in well as background music but nothing really jumps out and above the rest of the general sound. It’s just there.

Scorpion Child may not be my thing personally, but the potential for greatness there and, at the very least, they are worth keeping an eye on for future endeavors. For right now, I’ll keep my hopes high.



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