Ernie C of Body Count Talks Lyrical Themes From Manslaughter


Body Count has historically found a way to grab the attention of the listening public and shock the masses with its controversial themes to its songs while raising awareness to various social issues at the same time.

While their methods do not always sit well with everyone, Body Count always becomes the subject of conversation amongst the musical scene. As in past favorites such as ‘Momma’s Gonna Die Tonight’, ‘KKK Bitch’ and ‘Cop Killer’, the band has tackled controversial subjects such as racism and police brutality and brought it out into the national spotlight.

Their latest release Manslaughter (Sumerian Records) found new subjects to tackle including female empowerment, pop music and their takes on a couple of familiar songs.

Band guitarist Ernie C gave Ghost Cult Magazine a run down on a few high lights on Manslaughter:

‘Bitch In The Pit’

Ernie C: That’s a song about women empowerment – being empowered to control. Girls love that song. They want to be the bitch in the pit, and the girls are in the pit. That’s what that song is.

Jamey Jasta on ‘Pop Bubble’

Ernie C: He’s a fan and knows Ice. Ice was on his podcast, he called in and said he wanted to do a song. We were like ‘what song?’ The perfect song ‘Pop Bubble Full Of Bullshit…’ That’s a good song actually. I remember when working on it, Ice said ‘pop mutherfuckers don’t want no fight. Muthafucker’s pants too tight.’


Ernie C: It’s a rant. It’s bringing it contemporary. It’s the same rant that Mike [Muir] had 25 years ago about his parents, but we’re bringing it up to now. It’s a lot of fun.

We had to get clearance to do that song. So we started calling around. We thought Mike had it. Mike didn’t own it. This guy named Glen Friedman owns the rights to the song. That’s Ice’s photographer from back in the day. We didn’t know who owned the song. So he gave us the rights to do it but he said…he’s a vegan so “you’re coming down hard on the vegans!”

You know Ice loves video games. We did the ‘Gears of War’ song two years ago (for Gears of War 3). He loves videos games. It’s like his second job. It’s therapy.

’99 Problems’

Ernie C: Ice did that on a record (1993’s Home Invasion). There’s a story in Rolling Stone about it. Chris Rock was talking to Rick Rubin and he said you should use his hook that Ice has on one of Jay Z’s songs. That’s how that came about. But Jay Z stole the song. People hear the song now and ‘Ice is doing Jay Z’s cover’. No, Jay Z did Ice’s cover. They act like it didn’t happen. The catch about is we didn’t have to get clearance from no one. He had to get clearance to do that. He has to pay Ice on royalties on that song. They act like nothing’s going on. So we just took it back. They can’t claim we stole their song. No, it’s our song.

‘Talk Shit Get Shot’

Ernie C: You know Body Count is extreme. It’s taking everything to the extreme level. So that song – ‘Talk Shit, Get Shot’ – it goes out to internet bloggers. People that are on there – sometimes I listen to things – ‘the band sucks…’ and this and that – you really haven’t heard the band. We really don’t suck. People might not like it. I can play guitar. I have played guitar for 42 years. I don’t really suck. I might not be as good as so and so but I don’t suck. So this really tells the truth about some people.

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