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Sevendust Performs Their Debut Album In Its Entirety In Atlanta

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Korn To Play Entire Debut Album On 20th Anniversary Tour Dates

Korn 20th anniversary tour

Korn has announced they will embark on a headline run of tour dates in the USA, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their début album Korn (Epic) To make the shows extra special the band will play the album in its entirety as well as other hits in intimate venues, smaller than the band normally plays. The two exceptions to this will be the bands appearances at Rock Allegiance in Philadelphia and their headline slot at Slipknot’s Knotfest in California. The band first played their début album, which released in 1994, front-to-back earlier in 2015, at Las Vegas’ Brooklyn Bowl performance. Direct support will come from Suicide Silence and Islander. Special ticket pre-sales begin tomorrow morning at 10 AM local time at The password is “blind”.



Korn headline tour dates: with Suicide Silence and Islander

Oct 01: Aragon Ballroom – Chicago, IL
Oct 02: Eagles Ballroom – Milwaukee, WI
Oct 03: The Fillmore – Detroit, MI
Oct 05: Irving Plaza – New York City, NY
Oct 06: The Wellmont Theater – Montclair, NJ
Oct 08: House Of Blues – Boston, MA
Oct 09: The Fillmore – Silver Spring, MD
Oct 10: Rock Allegiance – Philadelphia, PA
Oct 12: The Fillmore – Charlotte, NC
Oct 14: Tabernacle – Atlanta, GA
Oct 15: Hard Rock Live – Orlando, FL
Oct 16: Fillmore Miami Beach – Miami, FL
Oct 18: Bold Sphere Music at Champions Square – New Orleans, LA
Oct 18: Stubbs – Austin, TX
Oct 20: South Side Ballroom – Dallas, TX
Oct 22: The Marquee – Phoenix, AZ
Oct 23: House Of Blues – Las Vegas, NV
Oct 24: Knotfest – San Bernardino, CA
Oct 27: The Fillmore – Denver, CO
Oct 28: The Great Salt Air – Salt Lake City, UT
Oct 30: The Fox Theater- Oakland, CA

Korn To Play Their Entire Debut Album On Upcoming Tours


In an interview recently Korn announced over the weekend that they intend to play all of their debut album to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of its release. In the time since that ground-breaking hey have become one of the biggest bands in the world, transcending the genre of Nu-Metal they created. Although maligned by metal purists, the band helped reshape the musical landscape of metal, with seminal metal bands such as Sepultura and Slayer changing their sound to imitate Korn. The self-titled album has many classic tracks of the genre the band doesn’t play often anymore, beyond hits such as ‘Blind’ and ‘Shoots And Ladders’.

As reported by

Sara of Philadelphia’s 93.3 WMMR radio station recently conducted an interview with KORN frontman Jonathan Davis. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below. A couple of excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On KORN‘s upcoming “Prepare For Hell Tour” with SLIPKNOT and KING 810:

Davis: “I think we’re gonna probably do a little bit heavier set list and just prepare fans for a big ol’ party. It’s gonna be the exact opposite of what SLIPKNOT brings, which is just really heavy, heavy, heavy, fast metal. We do more of a party-type vibe. I think it’s gonna be a good show, ’cause nobody wants to see that twice, you know what I mean? It’ll be something for everyone. Something different.”

On the musical direction of KORN‘s next album:

Davis: “We never can tell until we get in a room together. It goes all over the place. When the band gets together and writes… ‘Cause we write together as a band, and I write on my own, Head [guitarist Brian Welch] writes stuff on his own. So it just depends. Once we get into a room and go through all that stuff, that’s when we know what direction we’re gonna go… I’m always [writing and recording music]. [Laughs] I’ve got a music problem; I’m addicted to music, so I’ve got a ton of stuff. But we’ve gotta get all the guys together, ’cause we all live in different places, so when everybody gets in one spot, we start writing actually as a band. We record where we grew up, in Bakersfield. We’ve got Buck Owens‘ old studio, which a lot of huge records were recorded out of there, so we really like it there. It’s a got a good vibe there.”

On how KORN plans to celebrate — both personally and as a band — the 20th anniversary of the release of its debut album:

Davis: “Personally, I don’t know how I’m gonna celebrate. But as a release, I know we’re gonna start doing, on festivals, we’re gonna play the first album in its entirety. We’re gonna start doing that. We’re even gonna play [the song] ‘Daddy’ [which Jonathan wrote about his painful experience of being molested as a child and not being believed]. And I said I would never do it, but I’m gonna do it anyway. So we’re gonna do the complete album in its entirety and then tag on some songs at the end of the show. So it should be pretty cool. But it’s gonna be very stripped down. I think we will recapture what we were doing at that time, when we were coming up. It was our first album, we didn’t have any production, it was just one backdrop. So I think it’ll be kind of like that down-and-dirty, cool, old-school vibe, and we’ll do the first record… [We’ll start doing that later] this year. Once the 20th anniversary hits [on October 11], we’ll start doing it.”

On whether he still rejects the “nu metal” label in reference to KORN, which is widely credited for pioneering the genre (encompassing metal bands that came out in the ’90s that incorporated different styles into their music, mostly funk and hip-hop):

Davis: “I’ve always rejected the fact that us getting pigeonholed into some kind of genre that we helped create, they said. It seems like when a band comes out and we do something new and something different, that’s all great. When a whole bunch of bands jump on the bandwagon and start copying what that one band did, then it gets called something. And those bands are cheap knockoffs of what the original thing was. So, to me, that’s why I never liked the ‘nu metal’ term. You don’t call the RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS a funk band. You don’t call METALLICA just a thrash band. These are bands that have been around over 20 years that have paid their dues and have made amazing music that lots of people have ripped off and they get pigeonholed into these little genres [people] make up. But, to me, that’s why I’ve always… I never liked it. But that’s my personal opinion, I mean, if people want to call us that, go ahead — I don’t care. That’s just for me, that’s just the way I look at it. So take my opinion with a grain of salt, I guess.”

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