Stream The Revamped Edition Of US Christmas’ Debut Now!

As we previously broke the news, iconic underground band U.S. Christmas (USX) is releasing an updated and remastered edition of their essential, but rarely heard debut album Prayer Meeting tomorrow, November 23rd on Hypershape Records. The full album is streaming online now, and several tracks are available immediately with a pre-order. In addition to the digital version and CD’s, there is a limited edition special collector wooden box you can pre-order now, which ships tomorrow.

Stream the album here:

Pre-orders are now live here:

Band founder and leader Nate Hall commented:

Some bands make demos. We made a record. We didn’t do this for a label, an agent, or anyone but ourselves. It was the first step toward what would become a series of connected works. This record marks a special time in my life, and I’m sure the other dudes agree. Those days in the little trailer in Marion, NC were electric and filled with building power. Listen up, these are the sounds of our foundation.”

Boxes are 100% timber made and contain pieces of bark, seeds, leaves – before ordering be careful with natural items import restrictions in your country (Australia for example) – Hypershape Records is not responsible in case of those restrictions.

Prayer Meeting was originally the very first unreleased record by U.S. Christmas (limited demos only), hailing from Marion NC, in the middle of the Appalachian region.

Prayer Meeting tracklist:

1. Death By Horses

2. Devil’s Flower

3. Lazarus

4. Your Soul

5. Mantis

6. Norpo

7. Under The Nails

8. Queen of the World

9. Darling Corey

10. Gengivitis

11. Out

Written, performed and recorded by U.S. Christmas

Nate Hall: guitar, vocals

Tim Greene: drums

John Presnell: bass

Matt Johnson: theremin


All tracks recorded by Tim Greene except ‘Devil’s Flower’, recorded by Marshall Grant.

Remastered by Alexander Lizzori in Italy, Spring 2018

Artwork by Giorgio Salmoiraghi

Hypershape Records, 2018