Stone Sour Releases the Demo Version of “The Bitter End”

Stone Sour has released a demo version of the song ‘The Bitter End’, originally titled ‘Ending/Beginning’. The Bitter End’ appeared on the band’s third studio album, Audio Secrecy (Roadrunner Records), which came out in 2010.

In a statement guitarist Josh Rand discussed the creation of the song with Corey Taylor, while on a break from Slipknot in 2000: “The song ‘Ending/Beginning’ has an interesting story. The original idea was recorded during the 2000 Project X sessions, but I wasn’t really happy with how it turned out. I felt it was missing something so we shelved it. Then in 2008 I rediscovered the track as I was backing up my hard drives. After listening to it, I figured I would mess with it a bit to see if I could make it better. ‘The Bitter End’ from the album ‘Audio Secrecy’ is ultimately what it would become 10 years later. Here is the original 2000 demo.”