Steve Grimmet, Singer for Grim Reaper Has Died

Sad news as legendary Heavy Metal singer Steve Grimmet, singer for Grim Reaper has died. He was 62 years old. News of his passing was broken on Facebook, by Steve’s brother Mark and his son, Russ. Although in poor health in recent years from diabetes, Steve had returned to touring as recently as the last few years and had plans for future releases. Grimmett’s passing comes five years after he had his right leg partially amputated in January 2017 when an infected wound on his foot spread to the bones in his leg partway through the group’s five-week tour of South America. Fans raised over $14,000 to help with his medical bills, raising awareness that touring Metal musicians are insurance deficient worldwide. Grimmet with his piercing falsetto vocals was best known for the album Rock You To Hell (1987), as well as the MTV hit video for “See You In Hell.” RIP.


Steve’s passing was confirmed by his brother Mark Grimmett, who wrote on social media: “I don’t really know where to start so I guess I will just come right out with it. It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I have to tell you all as many of you know him my very talented brother Steve Grimmett very sadly passed away today, my heart goes out to Millie his wife my Mum and Dad, Russell , Sami and Ethan . I will miss you more than words will ever say , love you bro xx”.


Steve’s son Russ Grimmett also shared the news, writing: “We can’t begin to put into words the current feelings. But as dad was so well known the news is starting to reach out earlier than we would have liked. Unfortunately, our dad passed away today and leaves a massive hole in the world and our hearts. We are utterly heartbroken. Sleep tight dad. We we always love you xxx”.