SSD Signs With Trust Records, Re-Release of The Hardcore Classic “The Kids Will Have Their Say” Incoming

SSD, one of the original Hardcore Punk bands and the first straight-edge band ever will re-release their long out-of-print classic 1982 debut album, The Kids Will Have Their Say via their new deal with Trust Records. Trust has re-issued similar genre-defining albums by bands such as 7 Seconds and Circle Jerks. The Kids Will Have Their Say will be available on vinyl for the first time in over 40 years alongside a 20-page booklet of never before seen photos, memorabilia, and more. Its remastered audio will see its release across digital platforms for the first time ever as well. Watch a video of SSD’s Al Barile and Pat Flynn of Fiddlehead and Have Heart discussing the reissue for The Next Episode Of Trust Record’s One Two Me You Video and Podcast Series.

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Considered to be the 1st Straight Edge branded band, SSD formed in Boston in 1981. The band quickly gained notoriety within the local music scene for intense, charged performances and the provocative antics of their core group of followers, the Boston Crew. The original lineup was Al Barile on guitar, Springa on vocals, Jaime Sciarappa on bass and Chris Foley on drums.


In 1982, they released their debut LP The Kids Will Have Their Say on their own XClaim label. Ian MacKaye of Minor Threat was a friend and supporter, and his Dischord label’s logo appeared on the back cover. An estimated 1900 copies were pressed and quickly sold out. The album has remained out of print and unavailable for streaming for 40 years. Currently an original copy of the album sells for an average of $2,000 on Discogs.


SSD’s Al Barile comments, “For the past 39 years, I’ve been looking for the right time and situation to rerelease the first SS Decontrol album. SSD fans have been asking for ‘The Kids Will Have Their Say’ since it went out of print 40 years ago. A few years ago, Keith Morris from Circle Jerks told me about Trust Records, and it sounded like it might be a good fit. I talked with [Trust co-founder] Joe Nelson about the record for almost two years, and with each text, phone call, and discussion, the fit came together. It feels like a perfect marriage.”


Nelson adds, “It’s still surreal to me that this is actually underway, and we now have the privilege of being able to reintroduce ‘The Kids Will Have Their Say’ to the world.”


The reissue will be given the meticulous “Trust” treatment and remastered off of the original analog tapes by David Gardner at Infrasonic. The master tapes themselves had been neglected and sustained water damage along with some mold. However Dan Johnson of Audio Achieving Services was able to restore them back to life in their entirety.


Photos of The Kids Will Have Their Say Restoration Process Here


The master tapes include the band’s 1981 demo, multiple recordings of The Kids Will Have Their Say, plus an unreleased song called “Typical America” which will also come out next year in conjunction with the re-release. The Trust version of Kids Will Have Their Say will also include a 20-page booklet designed by Brian Ray Turcotte and features flyers, band memorabilia; and unpublished photos from Glen E. Friedman.


Of the collaboration, Trust co-founder and JUDGE bassist Matt Pincus says, “Great records change lives. You remember when a voice you never heard before reaches you for the first time and changes the course of your life. SSD did this for an entire generation of kids. Those that were lucky enough to see the band and get a copy of ‘The Kids Will Have Their Say’ in its first run knew they had something special and told us all about it. Those of us who were younger and only heard it second or third hand on tape just knew that these were the guys that invented it all. This is one of those records that reverberates through generations. It is the essence of the mission of Trust Records – to honor and promote the finest music of the genre for fans past, present, and future.”


Trust is also thrilled to announce an official SSD merch line. The collection includes two new options of the classic SSD logo shirt and shorts, for a limited time only. To shop and for more info go here.


Stay tuned for details and further info about the reissue of The Kids Will Have Their Say here.


The Kids Will Have Their Say – Deluxe Reissue Track Listing:




  1. “Boiling Point”


  1. “Fight Them”


  1. “Do You Even Care”


  1. “Not Normal”


  1. “Wasted Youth”


  1. “Jock Itch”


  1. “Fun to You”


  1. “V.A.”


  1. “How Much Art”




  1. “The Kids Will Have Their Say”


  1. “Headed Straight”


  1. “War Threat”


  1. “Teach Me Violence”


  1. “Screw”


  1. “Who’s to Judge”


  1. “Police Beat”


  1. “United”


  1. “The End”