Sordes Dominum Shares a New Music Video “Mendacium Immortalis” – New EP Out Now

Los Angeles-based Instrumental Metal band Sordes Dominum released their new conceptual EP release, Immortalis recently. The band has now dropped a new music video “Mendacium Immortalis” which you can see at the link below. Drawing influence from the atmospherics of avant-garde artists as well as the scale and brutality of leading symphonic metal bands, check out the clip for “Mendacium Immortalis” now!


What the industry is saying:

Scott Fuller of Morbid Angel says “Sordes Dominum has done it again! ‘Mendacium Immortalis’ is like being led blindfolded through a foggy garden at midnight by chuckling succubi en route to your gallows. Give it a listen and turn it up LOUD”




SORDES DOMINUM hailing from Los Angeles California have released their 3rd official music video entitled “Mendacium Immortalis” from the new EP “Immortalis”. The toxic visuals are quite a transfigurement, compared to the previous video “Verecundiam” and the debut video “Exillium”, which was banned from YouTube. The instrumental metal band consists of bassist Zander Reddis, guitarist and producer Alex Crescioni, and drummer Jorden Mitev. The music combines elements of death, doom, and symphonic metal with a variety of cinematic atmospheres. The official video will be available on YouTube June 10th and the song will be included in the new EP “Immortalis” June 17th on all streaming platforms. Digipacks of the EP will also be available for purchase directly from the band. The track was produced, mixed, and mastered by Alex Crescioni at Stygian Sound with the video directed and edited by Vicente Cordero of Industrialism Films.

Mendacium (LIE) Immortalis is track three of a four song concept EP entitled “Immortalis”. The song engages the listener with a mammoth slaying riff with accents on every gash. It then initiates mutation to the next division through a texture thick guitar break, heavy with fuzz and the room tone of Stygian Sound. The middle chapter morphs into a sluggardly sludgy riff that builds to the climax, the final palm muted low E slaughter.

With influences ranging from the prestige of SUNNO))) to the vigorous force of SEPTICFLESH, SORDES DOMINUM’s master objective is to bear the heaviest instrumental symphonic metal to avid listeners of extreme music. The band’s novel creation “Mendacium Immortalis” releases June 10th, 2022 on YouTube. The track will be available on all streaming platforms June 17th, 2022. Special edition digipacks will be available for both EPs “Mortalis” & “Immortalis” available directly from the band at