Slipknot To Open Haunted House, Details About New Album And Reissue Project

You can keep your lame Pumpkin Spice flavored everything, Autumn is for Halloween! Slipknot, not strangers to the spooky side of life, is opening a badass themed haunted house in the spirit of the next month. Dubbed “The Slaughterhouse”, it will be hosted by the Barnum Factory. The 10,000 square-foot Slaughterhouse opens Oct. 5 at the Barnum Factory (97 Indiana Ave.) and runs through Oct. 31. General admission tickets cost $20, with $30 skip-the-line passes also available. The concept was co-created by M. Shawn Crahan (left), co-founding Slipknot member, and Ian Miller, Slaughterhouse owner. In a conversation with the Des Moines Register Crahan detailed the venture and also the prospects of new Slipknot music, and the coming re-issue for All Hope Is Gone (Roadrunner) and more!

M, Shawn “Clown” Crahan commented:

It’s all about the fans. It’s all about a special experience, making it one-on-one, almost. It really is going to be a moment in our history, in their history. And our history in Des Moines.”

Miller commented:

It’s the ultimate nightmare come true. We share that culture. … We pride ourselves on also giving voice and place and home to the disenfranchised.”

Crahan continued:

It’s all about our fans and these days I’m concentrating on the fans and humans that haven’t been touched yet and how to get them involved in the culture and the experience.”

Crahan also told the Des Moines Register about new Slipknot Music Progress:

We still have a lot of time left of this year. We’re still off. It’s gonna be a minute for new music and new stuff. But … I’m here. So keep your eyes and ears open.”

The band is prepping a 10t year anniversary for All Hope Is Gone (Roadrunner) and bands re-issuing albums:

Oh, for sure. I’m in a band and I can’t stand that.” Crahan said of how he once viewed “corporate” anniversary projects. “But now, I’m like ‘wow.’ For instance, I’m working for ‘All Hope Is Gone,’ …and what I’m doing is I’m using the stuff I would’ve never approved.

“Now I can look at it and go, ‘Wow. The fans need to see this.’”

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