Skold Releases New Album “Dias Irae” and New Music Video


Industrial band Skold, the namesake group of producer, former member of Marilyn Manson’s band, ex-KMFDM member, Motionless In White producer, and co-founder of Swedish metal act Shotgun Messiah Tim Skold has released a brand new album today, Dias Irae, today via Cleopatra Records. The patently heavy approach is the throwback to Skold’s penchant for musical aggression of his earliest work as an artist. The band also shared a new music video for “Dirty Horizon,” another collaboration between Skold and filmmaker/award-winning music video director Vicente Cordero. The two had collaborated previously on the sweeping, cinematic video for “Small World” from Skold’s 2019 album Never Is Now as well as other past work. The “Dirty Horizon” video finds Skold paying homage to the legendary film by fellow Swede Ingmar Bergman, the 1957 epic “The Seventh Seal.” Shot in the stone dungeon of the stunning Abbey Arroyo. Watch the video:


Dies Irae features artwork from hugely talented German artist Sebastian Nabel ( showcased beautifully on reverse-board digipak for CD plus a special limited edition vinyl edition with a reverse-board jacket and full-color inner sleeve housing a gorgeous CLEAR vinyl LP!


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Track List:

  1. Dirty Horizon
  2. Unspoken
  3. The End Is Near
  4. Terrified
  5. Love Is A Disease
  6. This Is The Way
  7. Silicon Dreams
  8. As Above So Below
  9. Kill Yourself
  10. 10. Goodbye