SINthetik Messiah – Black Sheep

My mother always told me to not judge a book by its cover. I have always tried to heed the words of my wise Madre’, but sometimes in doing music reviews I consign to oblivion that idiom. Case in point, when my editor sent me the new single by SINthetik Messiah, Black Sheep, I was tad incredulous. My feelings stemmed from seeing the heading on the Soundcloud link, #cajun industrial bass. I had never, in all my Skullgurl years, have encountered a musical group described as this. I started reading the bands press release, and SINthetic Messiah is described as Cajun electronic/industrial bass there also. Well, slap my fanny and call me fancy, I had just been given the gift of a brand new musical experience.

The single, ‘Black Sheep’, is one of those tracks where you are denying yourself the full empiricism if you do not listen to it at least a dozen times immediately, back to back, The song presents it’s self as a club-ready Dubstep concoction, at first. The infectiously throbbing bass begins to fall away as the voice of the SyFy Channel’s very own Hart Fortenbery from Deep South Paranormal rises above the melee. The overall length of the sampling of Fortenbury is short and sweet, but the message he conveys is profound. I urge you, dear reader, to not Focus on Fortenthery’s dialect or delivery, just the message.

The moral to my allegory is, listen to my mother’s advice and do not make hasty judgments when deciding if you are going to check out this single and SINthetic Messiah. I declare today as being the day you break out of your musical comfort zone and experience the magnificence that is ‘Black Sheep’.

7 / 10