SINGLE REVIEW: Matricide – Talking To The Walls


After a studio absence of close to a decade, Israeli act Matricide make a welcome re-appearance with Talking To The Walls (self-released), the rip-roaring follow-up to comeback single ‘Walk Into the Flames’ released in April this year.

Returning with a streamlined line-up, the band formed in Tel Aviv in 2003 might be reduced in size to a four-piece but three of the members who played on 2008’s We Are Alive EP and their independently released full-length debut When Random Turns to Fate in 2013 are still very present.

Combining nu-metal riffs with a hardcore groove and melodies not too far removed from Swedish melodeath act Dark Tranquillity, ‘Talking To The Walls’ finds guitarist Auria Sapir chugging away for all his worth, backed by the thunderous rhythm section of bassist Shahar Guy and new drummer Shaked Furman while frontman Ran Eliahou roars until his vocal cords are left in tatters.


A great track which signals their re-established intent in no uncertain terms.


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