REVIEW: Carnivora – Bogdweller

Salem, Massachusetts modern metallers Carnivora is a band Ghost Cult has been following for many years and through several incarnations. The band has continued to grow and improve while keeping what makes them, them for a lack of better verbiage. They have always placed an importance on monster riffs, deep grooves and generally short blasts of fun metal tracks that don’t overstay their welcome. On their new single ‘Bogdweller’, the band has hit a new level with the addition of vocalist Haydee Irrizary (Aversed, Zahra Lux).

The track kicks off with a bonkers downtuned groove that immediately reminded me of Far Beyond Driven era Pantera or some good ol’ Chimaira. No long intros or buildups here, the tracks’ impact is immediate with the gnarly vocals pulling on your earpiece. In under a minute the riff seemingly reverses (not quite) and grinds into a fresh, brutal chorus with more riffs and a flurry of double-kicks.

Quickly into the “C” section of the track, the song breaks into an epic rock ballad with the amazing vocalizing of Irrizary dominating. She has an incredible range, true, However, her ability to convey melodies either with her low gutturals or soaring high singing notes are both immaculate. It’s as if she is a hybrid of Corpsegrinder from Cannibal Corpse, and Rob Halford all at once. We’ve followed her career over time as well, and she seems to have limitless gifts.

Wrapping up with a brutal return of the chorus for the last half-minute of the track, it’s all over but the shouting in under three minutes. The shame of that is that you wish it would be a minute longer, but there is something to be said for a young band that can write a tight track and leaves you wanting more. Recorded by Matt Bachand (Shadows Fall/Act of Defiance) and mixed by Chris “Zeuss” Harris, this track has a glossy major-label sheen for an underground band.

Keep it up Carnivora! We’ll be looking for more tracks like this one in the future! Buy the song here:

8 / 10