Shooter Jennings Shares that Marilyn Manson’s New Album is “Finished” and a “Masterpiece”

Outlaw Country star and producer extroidnere Shooter Jennings has shared with social media that Marilyn Manson has completed work on his highly anticipated new studio album. Jennings, who took to his Instagram to say that the follow-up to 2017’s “Heaven Upside Down” “finished,” also calling it a “masterpiece.” Manson replied to Shooter’s post, writing in the comments “Finished masterpiece album” and “Shit is gonna get real.” Manson and Jennings previously teamed up in 2016 to record a cover version of “Cat People (Putting Out Fire)” for Jennings’s “Countach (For Giorgio)” LP, a covers collection featuring songs by electronic-music pioneer Giorgio Moroder. Manson’s guitarist/bassist Paul Wiley (Deveraux/Razor Candy) and drummer, Brandon Pertzborn (Black Flag, Doyle, Ho99o9) round out the lineup on the album. Ghost Cult previously theorized that since Manson’s last two stand-alone singles are covers, the entire album will be made up of covers and reimagined classics, which would explain Manson’s prior quote about not being able to compare his new record to his past work.