Shining – 8 ½ – Feberdrommar I Vaket Tillstånd

Shining 8.5 Shining (SE) is one of those bands that have been not only inflecting pain on other people, but also to themselves. What at first saw as a cool thing, short after was, and is, the reason for the lack of (a much deserved) attention. The vision of Niklas Kvarforth is often missinterpretated, and people don’t seem to understand the genius of what many call “the attitude of an asshole”.

Delivering great records since V – Halmstad (where they found themselves for good), this new effort, 8 ½ – Feberdrommar I Vaket Tillstånd (Dark Essence/Karisma), is yet another irrefutable proof how much of a crucial band is Shining in the contemporary scene of extreme metal. Having the decision of releasing old material, Kvarforth (intelligent as always) decides not only to re-record the old tracks and also use great voices such as: Attila Csihar (Mayhem), Pehr Larsson (Vinterland), Gaahl (ex-Gorgoroth, God Seed and Wardruna), Maniac (ex-Mayhem and Skitliv) and Famine (Pest Noire). More often that we would like, we see re-recording and re-release of old material being a completely waste of time…

And the same thing goes when so many stars are “together” in the same project, but like I said: Kvarforth has the genius and vision to don’t fuck things up and bring the best to the table. In the all story of putting five vocalist in a record of six tracks we are submitted to such a great talent of selecting the right jack to the trade, that’s becomes pretty obvious when Shining achieves successfully in the mission of getting a strong sense of unity when, at the same time, we are presented with the special and distinct charisma of each vocalist. ‘Terres Des Anonymes’, the first track, confirms that: total Shining environment, it makes sense when put it together with the other five tracks, and I dare you to resist being addicted to this shit!

The other thing is the way Shining recapture their old sound, when at the same time they are making use of experience gathered. Shining proves, once again, their importance for the extreme metal scene and with that adds yet another meaningful piece to their discography. Defiant, pleasurable and authentic. What more do you need?


Tiago Moreira

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