Seven)Suns Is Streaming “For The Hearts Still Beating” Online

Hardcore metal string quartet Seven)Suns made their name known with their incredible covers of Pantera and The Dillinger Escape Plan last year, but that was only the beginning. The group will be releasing their new full length album, For The Hearts Still Beating, tomorrow via Party Smasher Inc, and New Noise Magazine is hosting a stream of the entire record a day before its release.

Seven)Suns violinist/composer Earl Maneein had this to say, “The title For the Hearts Still Beating was taken from Converge’s song ‘Last Light’. The music on our record was either written or arranged by me in the spirit of that Converge lyric. The current zeitgeist we are living in is a troubling one to say the least and I hope the listener finds a similar catharsis in listening to it that I found in writing it/choosing other people’s songs that fit and arranging them. Since we’re a string quartet and there aren’t any words to our songs, I can’t promise that the listener can immediately make sense of us, but it is also my hope that he or she will find it ultimately rewarding if they give the album a chance. I mean, we’re definitely not easy listening, or “soothing classical music” by any means.

Stream their ‘Heathens’ cover below, and if you want more, go to New Noise Magazine!

Pre-order your copy of For The Hearts Still Beatinghere.