Seven Year Storm Streaming “Dyatlov” Music Video

Sean Lang of Seven Year Storm

Sean Lang of Seven Year Storm

Seven Year Storm, the Vancouver-based instrumental progressive metal band created by freelance drummer / instructor Sean Lang with added support from guitar-wizard and good friend Dean Lamb (Archspire) is streaming the music video for “Dyatlov” from their forthcoming album Aion I due out February 24, 2015, here and here.

View a teaser for Aion I here.

Track Listing: Aion I
1. Morphogenesis 4:58
2. Dyatlov 4:28
3. Virtue 4:30
4. Nazca Lines 5:23
5. Blue Car Syndrome 6:47
EP Length: 26:08

Initially never planning to release his music compositions beyond the borders of just song writing, freelance drummer / instructor Sean Lang was urged by his circle of musician friends whom heard his material to take his creativity to the next level.

The outcome is Seven Year Storm, which showcases Lang’s unique sound, music arrangements written entirely by him plus guitarist Dean Lamb (Archspire) whom handles all of the mind-bending guitar leads and solos. Everything comes together into songs that are tight and heavy, melodic and groovy, technical yet memorable.

To get these works of art off the studio floor, Lang launched an Indiegogo campaign (video can be viewed here) to raise the necessary investment to complete the first collection of songs, which will be released in 2015 as two EPs: Aion I and Aion II.

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