Serpents (US) Debut New Music Video – “Lust Of The Lawless”

Epic Black Metal band Serpents (US) have shared a new music video, ‘Lust Of The Lawless’, celebrating the Vernal Equinox (3/19/2020). The track comes off of their awesome recent album, Temet Nosce, which we chatted with their mastermind Andrew Mikhail about for a recent podcast. Watch the clip, shot and edited by Nick Frollo, below!

Andrew Mikhail commented:

The Lust of The Lawless,” as a song, is a parable of one unifying with their inner shadow; and venturing onward into the unknown, hand-in-hand—together. A message echoed throughout the ages, by all seekers alike; of self-attainment on the path to transcendence. Yet, being that we are all our own greatest adversaries, the process of such a transformation can also be one of: lunacy, loneliness, and depravity; and that is what the music and the video for this song, are meant to signify—the coniunctio of opposites within one’s mind. Today, we proudly deliver this specific allegory of dualism unto the aether; for at the time of this release, it is now this year’s “Vernal Equinox”—the earliest Spring Equinox the world has seen in 124 years actually. A brief moment known throughout history, where “Darkness” and “Light” are said to be “equal”; as we escape the cold grasp of Winter, and begin our journey towards Spring. It is also known as a time of rebirth, renewal, and new beginnings; which at this very moment, we believe is direly needed. This is our offering, to you; a flicker of light amidst the darkness. May it ignite the Black Flame within, and illuminate your paths ahead…

We also had a limited edition vinyl pre-order of our debut album, “Born of Ishtar”, to coincide with all this. But, considering the state of affairs, I we have decided to refund vinyl pre-orders in hopes to give our fans a little relief at this time; where some artists are digging deeper into their fans pockets, we would like to do the opposite.”

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Feral youth fears not;

For within me, restless lovers lay entwined

Side by side…entangled in the mind;

Wild is the flame that illuminates the house of Gemini

Desirous, yet without way;

Chaos becomes my only constant

I am strychnine;

A scavenger maddened by the gall which lies beneath

With all might and munitions now unsheathed;

I’ve come to reap this world of weeping and gnashing teeth

From these ashes, comes a new way;

Dissolution is my only constant

If it is willed, then so it must be

Those who seek to torch the bastions of belief;

Shall sew the seed whence I came

…And of it’s vine, ye flourish and remain

Harvesting glories I hath proclaimed,

Daggers must arise in defiance of god’s name;

To cut from the earth, from Eden’s tree

…And eat of it’s fruit, the delights of this release

Vi veri universum vivus vici!’

(Translation: “By the power of truth, I, while living, have conquered the universe!…”)


Music and lyrics written by Andrew Mikhail

Music produced by Andrew Mikhail & Logan Mader

Video Filmed by Nick Frollo

Video Edited by Nick Frollo

© Andrew Allen Mikhail // Serpents U.S.

Album available on Trve Media Music.

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