Sepultura Banned from Performing In Lebanon Over “Devil Worship” Concerns

Legendary thrash metal band Sepultura has been banned from Lebanon, where they were to have performed next weekend, according to a published report. Concert promoters Skull Session Although the band has not performed in Israel before, the band’s classic 1993 video ‘Territory’ was filmed in both Israel and Palestine, and it features shots of the band positioned defiantly around iconic sites like the Dead Sea, woven together with footage evocative of the conflict there. According to the report the band has been banned for being anti-Christian devil worshippers. Travelers with Israeli stamps in their passports cannot enter Lebanon. Even if their travel documents currently do not have Israeli stamps or visas, persons seeking entry into the Republic of Lebanon who have previously traveled to Israel may still face arrest and/or detention if this travel is disclosed.announced on Friday (April 19) that authorities refused to process the bandmembers’ visas, forcing them to cancel a planned Sepultura’s gig in Beirut’s Hamra district on April 28.