Saliva is Reuniting For a New Album and Tour in 2020

According to Josey Scott, 1990s and 2000’s Nu Metal band Saliva will reunite in 2020 for an album and tour. Scott broke the news of his return to Saliva during an appearance on “The Morning Dump”, a podcast hosted by “The Big Mad Morning Show” in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The band earned a Grammy Award nomination for their very first single ‘Your Disease’ and gained further famed when Scott dueted with Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger on the Spiderman soundtrack on the song ‘Hero’ and the song ‘Click, Click, Boom’ was used by WWE and movies.

He said: “I’m going to get back together with the guys and we’re gonna do a reunion tour and a new album next year… January 2020, we’re gonna put the old thinking caps on and get in the studio.

“Now that I’m clean and sober, my mind is clear, and I’m focused like I used to be in my 20s when I wouldn’t take ‘no’ for an answer. And I went out, and people told me I’d never make it and they told I’d never get a record deal, and I said, ‘Fuck you!’ and I went and got it anyway — without a high school diploma. I’ve kind of got that focusness back.

“I’m gonna get in the studio with the guys, I’m gonna write a badass record, and we’re gonna go sell it.”

Asked if the new SALIVA album will be recorded in Tulsa, Scott said: “I’ll probably do the lion’s share of it in Memphis with the guys and we’ll come back to Tulsa and put all the finishing touches on it.

“I wanna do something for the fans, because they have been so loyal to us and so amazing through the years,” he explained. “I’ve heard people on the web sites and on Facebook and everything: ‘When is Josey coming back? Can we, please, have Josey back?’ And I want to come back and do my thing.”