Rock Supergroup Painted Shield Shares a New Single and Video for “Alien”

Painted Shield is a new rock supergroup (including Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam)! They have dropped a new single and video for song “Alien. Check it out now!




The video features footage of recent confirmed UFO sightings (or “UAPs,” as the U.S. Military now refers to them), and is themed around the ongoing and increasingly-covered phenomenon. Though the mystery of UAPs is understandably less urgent than other pressing issues in the news today, it is a rising governmental concern that congress will be holding public hearings about this summer, to say nothing of the longtime fascination that people have had with reports of UFO activity and the possibilities of alien life. In a time when people are dealing with so many immediate man-made crisis, “Alien” reminds us that the possibility that new revelations about our place in the universe may still be out there, somewhere.

Painted Shield is composed of Pearl Jam guitarist Stone Gossard, acclaimed songwriter Mason Jennings, renowned drummer Matt Chamberlain and Seattle soul prodigy Brittany Davis.