Robb Flynn of Machine Head Blogs About The Band’s First Ever Show – 30 Years Ago Today

In a message to fans via his blog, Robb Flynn of Machine Head reminisced about their very first Machine Head show, 30 years ago today. The band played a house party and was eventually visited by Oakland Police. Machine Head’s new album 0F KINGD0M AND CR0WN releases on August 26th, 2022 via Nuclear Blast Records. Read Robb’s blog below.

30 years ago today Machine Head played our first show at house party on Woolsey Street in Oakland, CA. House party, Isn’t really the right word, our friend / man-of-many-hats Mike Scum was getting evicted, so as a fuck you to his landlord it was a “destroy-the-house-party “ with Machine Head as the soundtrack


House parties and kegger parties weren’t anything new to me at this point. Back when I was in Forbidden all the early shows we ever played were backyard parties, living room parties, community centers, VFW halls. There was always an insane vibe doing shows like that, and I wanted to recreate that feeling, especially since a couple of my guys were green AF and playing their very first shows ever. It was Tony Costanza on drums, Logan Mader on guitar, Adam Duce on bass.


Across the street from Mike was an infamous punk rock house, called The Woolsey House, and all of them came over and gleefully took part in the destruction. Many a hammer was punched into the walls. We bought several kegs, and rage HARD. When the police eventually came, I proudly walked up to his glass front door sporting my “fuck the police“ shirt, and refused to let them in since they didn’t have the authority to enter.


It was a hell of a way to start this journey all this time ago…


Kinda blown away that I’m about to drop a new album in 2 weeks, and that anybody still gives a shit about the band.


If your still here all these decades later… thank you from the bottom of my blackened heart for going on this wild ride with me.