Rob Zombie Teases New Song, with A Long Complicated Name

Rob Zombie has begun teasing a new single due out this week. The title will be “The Triumph of King Freak: a crypt of preservation and superstition” and will be his first new solo RZ song in four years. Both Rob and guitarist John 5 have said it will be “the best record” of zombie’s career in separate interviews, with john 5 calling it both “heavy” and diverse”. The album will release from his new label, Nuclear Blast, as he has spent much of his solo career at Universal Music Group, after starting his early career with White Zombie on the legendary Geffen Records.


“In 7 days, new Rob Zombie music is coming.” He added in a separate caption: Finally! The wait is over!!!!!! #robzombie #johnfive #piggyd #gingerfish”.