Rob Decoup Streaming “Roll” Music Video

Rob Decoup

Rob Decoup

New York based (Vienna and London) Rob Decoup is streaming his new music video for “Roll”, here.

Decoup’s music comes from the surrealistic imagery of dreams weaved around his thoughts of the moral-sociological-political triumphs & struggles of his time. “When I turned 15 I got an electric guitar, but my folks didn’t know it needed an amp, so for a while I simply trained my ear and manipulated the sound with no amp!” – says Decoup. It’s all about invention and evolution—from his days of no-amp’d guitars to his now fully evolved razor-sharp sounds, adapting to survive is his key instinct. He holds a PhD in Political Science, which means he’s a natural communicator between cultures, between citizens of the world and those in power; Rob isn’t on a mission to make your body simply dance, he aspires to be a positive influence by shaping the world around him through music.

To compliment this colorful arrangement of storytelling on his upcoming debut album Rays of Sun, Decoup enlisted veteran producer Mike Plotnikoff (Aerosmith, Buckcherry) and assembled a sturdy cast of players to realize the rhythm of his songs. “Eric Friedman from Creed is on guitar, Marty O’Brien from Lita Ford’s band plays bass, Phil X who replaced Richie Sambora as touring guitarist for Bon Jovi lays down some nice leads and Dan Welby did the basic drum tracks.” says Decoup.

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