Thousand Thoughts – Thousand Thoughts EP

Making it in Hollywood hardly seems realistic but if you were to look closely the story of a Thousand Thoughts, is a Hollywood story. In just a year Ethan Smith, Jack Botterill, Matt Morrell, and Jed Johnson have made their mark the music scene in North London. And now, the quartet is ready to conquer the emo/Alternative world with their self-titled four-song EP on Marshall Records.

‘This One’s For You’ comes in very melodic and simply emotional. The lead singer carries the melody well throughout the song as if he was auditioning for American Idol. Judging the vocals alone, he wouldn’t get a golden ticket here but the passion is there. The music is simple but done tastefully.

When ‘Perspectives’ begins, it’s reminiscent of Linkin Park’s ‘Pushing Me Away’ until it kicks in with ferocity in the chorus. The musicianship here is key and the bass by Morrell and the drums by Johnson parallel neatly. The EP is melodically captivating, and so is the third track ‘Focus’ where Smith really belts it out. His performance here showcases his diversity and full control. This song is strong with its Hollywood ending.

Wrapping things up with the fourth track ‘Ignite,’ it leaves you wanting more—more melodic vocals, more gritty solos, and thunderous drums. The four tracks are just a taste of what this band can do. They have showcased their potential

Just over a year ago a Thousand Thoughts were known as Elsewhere but if they keep it up they’ll be everywhere. This is a young band that deserves to mature and see their full potential and perhaps get their Hollywood ending.

8 / 10