REVIEW: Soulfly – Unearth – Evergrey – Incite: Live at Le Poisson Rouge

Arriving at Le Poisson Rouge early in the for the combined Soulfly / Unearth / Evergrey team up tour date, we were pumped to see such an intimate venue host such a diverse night of music. We hung out early, interviewed a bunch of bands on the bill and generally got psyched for a night of different kinds of metal under one banner.

The early bands made their presence known right away. I wasn’t too familar with Vancouver’s Arrival of Autumn (Nuclear Blast), but the were impressive. They played a variety of metalcore, and had lots of Canada vs. USA humor, in addition to their Maple Leaf-a-gram shirts. Shattered Sun and Ghost Cult go way back, and they always put on a good show! They played a new single, the first new music from the band’s new album, due early in 2020.

Prison hails from Florida, but they had the total old school New York Hardcore vibe that I loved. I loved the passion and stance this band had, and the more than earned some new fans. Another early band that played a monster set was Incite. Since their recent album dropped, incite is on some not messing around shit, and just went apeshit for their brief, tight show. We’re hoping these guys do a headline tour soon.



Evergrey might have seemed like they would be the odd band out with a more epic and moody music repertoire, but they brought their heavier material and their “A’ game. They did play a lot of new material, but their heads in the house seemed to really appreciate it. Good times!

Unearth came on next and similar to Incite, they put the entire venue on notice. The veteran Boston hardcore metal band played hits and deep cuts. Somehow show in and show out for over 20 years, the bands brings the sick riffs and high energy. I feel like their last album is underloved, so go buy that shit and support these good dudes.

Soulfly finally took the stage and in my thirty years following Max Cavalera’s career, I have never seen him perform with no barricade. He was truly pumped as he took the stage, getting right up in the crowd and screaming, riffing and just being one with us all night.


The set list was great with new songs and deep cuts. This was a s great a performance from his band as I’ve seen in many years. Shredder Marc Rizzo always melts faces, but extra props go out Max’s son Zyon who really crushed the kit on this night. Late in the set when Max played some of Bob Marley’s classic protest song ‘Get Up, Stand Up’, the crowd went with it and loved even! Max is a legend and tonight he had total control of the room.