Sleep Token – Two EP

Sleep Token has a sound and an image that fully captures all who cross paths with even a single second of their music. This band of “mortal representations of the deity ‘Sleep’” is led by an “appointed Vessel” who literally just goes by “Vessel.” That’s right, it gets weird – but aren’t all things that are truly artistic a little bit wacky?

Basick Records’ Sleep Token has a new album that is truly the epitome of something that is beautiful with a sonic energy. The album is simply titled Two, and this title contains equally as simple tracks within it. I say this on a positive note, however, as the simplicity that is portrayed via the contrasts and blends between the instruments and the vocals creates its own depth – one which can’t be copied or altered by any outside forces.

Each song in this album takes you to a whole new world. Vessel sings with such a subtly whimsical tone which blends beautifully with the music which plays alongside it. Each song is orchestrated in such a way which is simple with an evident depth, one which can be both felt and heard. You lose yourself in the sonic energy given off by each track, and the jazzy feel of ‘Jericho’ is insanely brilliant – very catchy, easy to tap your foot to!

All in all Two in its entirety is impressive – each decision made within both the individual tracks and the album in its entirety was one which contained loads of artistic thought and care unlike any other. Taking things back to the song ‘Jericho’ as an example – the long pauses between each sound within the intro would normally bug the hell out of me, but there was something so genuinely unique and beautiful about the way these pauses were organized.

Ultimately, this EP is easy to enjoy. Very simple, very beautiful, very well done.