Cancer Bats – Searching for Zero


One of my favorite acts to come out of Canada, Cancer Bats, return with their fifth studio album Searching for Zero (Metal Blade Records) hitting shelves this week. I’ve been looking forward to hearing new material and I’m pretty pleased with the result.

‘Satellites’ starts things off at moderate clip and is a decent enough song on its own but it’s missing that extra oomph that I’m used to. It isn’t until ‘True Zero’ kicks in that the Cancer Bats vibe really starts to kick in. I’m not surprised that this is a single, it’s just so catchy and makes you want to sing right along with Liam Cormier.

If I have to choose a favorite track, it’d be ‘Beelzebub’ if simply for how it stands out from the other songs around it and hits you in the gut from the very beginning. It takes things down a few notches and feels longer than it actually is. Those stoner-y riffs are like candy to me.

I can’t just go without saying something with regards to ‘All Hail’. Regular readers of my ramblings, if you exist, should be very familiar with the giant soft spot in my heart for GWAR and former front man Dave Brockie. Maybe I’m a sap but I think it’s touching to see members of the community band together and show their support. The first time I ever saw Cancer Bats, they were opening for GWAR. I had no idea who they were but I fell in love in that night. I ran into Liam while he was working the merch booth at GWAR-B-QUE 2014. It was late in the afternoon and he was exhausted but he also seemed at peace. I don’t know when this tribute to our favorite monster was first penned, but I would like to believe that he would be content at seeing a common chant put to music.

This album is full of energy and it’s contagious. I was sick as a dog while writing this and I still the urge to just tear apart the living room. I don’t know what it is about these guys but they always get to me and put a smile on my face. Pick up the album and make sure to catch them on their current US tour through the end of March. I’ll see you at The Middle East in Cambridge, MA on the 27th.