Pyre Fyre Shares New Single “Trash Man”

New Jersey’s Pyre Fyre have released their fierce new single “Trash Man” in an exclusive world premiere via the leaders of DIY and underground music culture, The Obelisk today! A music video for the track “Trash Man” will follow soon. Check out the track right now!

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Pyre Fyre on “Trash Man”:

“We are a heavy psych band out of Jersey City. The track “Trash Man” is an ode to B-movies and protometal bands like Blue Cheer. It was produced by Dustin Bartee from Ethereal Sea.”


The New Jersey-based power trio formed initially over a love of lo-fi aesthetics, early 1980s hardcore, classic psychedelia, B movies, Heavy Metal, and outsider art. Filtering in their penchant for worshipping at the altar of the almighty Riff, the group has dedicated themselves to creating intense, exploratory music from one song to the next.


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