Prophets of Rage (RATM, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill) to Release a New Song This Week

In a new interview with Mary Anne Hobbs of BBC Radio 6 Music, Tom Morello says there will be a new Prophets of Rage (RATM, Public Enemy, Cypress Hill) song released this week. This follows the recent stand-alone single ‘Made With Hate’, which released in June. More details about the bands’ new album, their third will be announced soon as well. “In light of the recent gun violence, we’ve got a very timely song that we’re gonna put out hopefully in the next couple of days,” he said. “Then beyond that, I think for PROPHETS OF RAGE, this will be our third studio record and really the one where I think we have to define who we are in 2019 and beyond, rather than just sort of a coming together of groups with notable catalogs, to really find our own sound and to continue to grow.”

Morello also commented: “We had a song come out recently called ‘Made With Hate’, sort of commenting on the continually brewing chaotic storm that is the United States Of America and the normalization of hate. And we continue to work on songs.

“We talk among ourselves: ‘What does an album mean?'” he continued. “There used to be one way to do it — you would write an album, you’d record an album, you’d do six months of promotion and then the record would [do] X, Y and Z. In this day and age, the process has become democratized in a way. The healthy side of that, I think, is that there’s more music available all the time, and there are no barriers. Music is cheaper than water now, so there’s no barriers to accessing the music. However, it’s such a white noise background of so much all the time that finding the crystal and gems within it is a more difficult process than perhaps it once was.”

“When the band came together in 2016, it was a reaction to the chaotic U.S. election cycle,” he explained. “And we had to do more than tweet about it. And we had a lot of great arrows in our quiver when it comes to songs, and so by putting this group together, it was a way to move the goal post and address the issues of the time to between two thousand and sixty thousand people a day. And now it’s time to really get that musical message on tape.”