Desertfest Antwerp 2016 Preview


The Desertfest franchise is a well-known concept throughout the heavy stoner scene in Europe, having started in London and spread to other major cities like Berlin, Athens, and the last two years to Antwerp in Belgium as well. This year the line-up is incredible, and even the sad loss of Graveyard as a headliner can’t stop the momentum this fest will have.

Replacing Graveyard, after their sudden mid tour split, is Color Haze, a great German psychedelic stoner rock band, who’ll definitely make up for the missed blues rock, by sending us to outer space. Other bands you definitely can’t miss out on are southern USA sludgers, Weedeater, who manage to get more noise out of 3 people on stage than most 5 pieces create, transcendental doom masters Yob, who contradictory play a very uplifting and metaphysical kind of melodic doom, while having more bass than even most bands at Roadburn, and La Muerta, one of Belgium’s finest heavy bands, who’re known for their impressive live shows.

YOB, by Hillarie Jason

YOB, by Hillarie Jason


Weedeater, by Susanne A. Maathuis Photography


Goat, by Susanne A. Maathuis Photography

For those who like to dance, eclectic fusion and 70s stoner influenced Goat will be your jam, with masks, and feathers, African drumbeats and two singers who’ll dance and writhe the whole gig.

The rest of the lineup is incredible as well, but telling you about them all one by one would be a waste, just check the poster and join the party there, the last thing I must mention is the most excellent cocktail bar they had last year and the amazing after-parties.. Tickets are still available at this link:


See you there.


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