PODCAST: Episode 265 – Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes on “The Death of Darkness” – Goth Rock, and More!


Ghost Cult’s chief Keefy chatted with Jyrki 69 of The 69 Eyes recently to discuss their new album “The Death of Darkness” out now on Atomic Fire Records. Jyrki is as amazing at interviews as he is ruling the stage. We discussed their entire career, the new album, signing with Atomic Fire Records, touring, discussing the Sick New Work Festival, doing guest appearances on records with friends – such as his recent collab with Blak29 (Steve Zing of Danzig), the age-old question of cassettes versus vinyl, and much more!


Buy the album and check out tour dates here:


Usual Suspects:

Interview by Ghost Cult Keefy


Produced & edited by Omar Cordy of OJCPICS


Theme music by Salted Wounds


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