Phillip Anselmo: “The Chances Of A New Down Record Coming Out Is Extremely High”

Philip Anselmo announced back in 2012 that Down would be releasing four EP’s over the next few years. Since that statement, the band has released Part I and Part II, but we haven’t heard anything about the final two EP’s until now. In a new interview with Metal Insider, Philip gave this update on new Down material, “You know it and I know it that it’s a well-documented thing that Down is made up of other bands, and when certain truths emerge about what the causation of Down is, it’s when the other bands are idle. Right now, C.O.C. is doing very well and I’m hearing things about that album, and Jimmy’s got plenty of Eyehategodstuff going on. We make room for it, and give respect where it’s due. I think we’ll positively obligate that four EP thing we set out to do originally. We knew there would be interruptions going into it. The chances of a new Down record coming out is extremely high.

Read the full interview with Philip here, and pray to the metal Gods that we get to hear new Down tunes soon!