Pentacam Brings Metal Imagery To App World


The app world has delved into the darkest realms of the metal world through startup app Pentacam. Dubbed “Scrapbooking for Satan”, this Android and iOS app is a newly released, easy to use app for fans of deeper subcultures of metal to make their own album art and merchandise. It provides custom crafted filters for image manipulation in metal aesthetics and a wide array of fonts and symbols to go with the theme.

Pentacam is currently in active development and gets regularly upgraded with new and improved features. Additionally it makes it very easy for users to upload their images, review and order their very own merchandise. The developer currently has leaned towards old school black metal, dark/black ambient, and industrial style imagery, but a wider range of filters and symbols are coming in the near future.

Pentacam is available for free for Android devices on Google Play here and for iOS here.

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