Pantera Release Vulgar Display of Power 25 Years Ago

As 1992 began, the name Pantera was still growing steadily after the release of Cowboys From Hell two years prior, but that would all change with the release of Vulgar Display of Power on February 25th. The Texas legends quickly went from a band with just an amazing d├ębut, to a band that could and would take over the world. Gone were the days of their hair metal beginnings. Gone were the tricks and extra effects in the studio. Vulgar Display of Power was a stripped-down, brutal punch in the face that, not only the metal world needed at that time, but had never heard before. With tracks like ‘Mouth for War’, ‘A New Level, ‘Fucking Hostile’ and ‘By Demons Be Driven’ blasting through your speakers, it was immediately evident that this was a group that had one thing in my mind. Take over the fucking world, and leave no prisoners. With tracks like ‘This Love’ and ‘Hollow’ in your ears, you still felt the honesty and soul of the band, and it made for a complete listen from start to finish. It was brutal. It was heavy. It was raw. It was real. It was perfect. Vulgar Display of Power not only made Pantera known to anyone and everyone in 1992, but it set forth their career that forever changed the game.

In honor of its 25th anniversary, let’s all raise one up to the Texas icons today, and blast this flawless record over and over and over! Getcha’ Pull!