ALBUM REVIEW: Dawn Ray’d – To Know The Light


The black metal scene has often, and justifiably, been accused of being overly conservative and restrictive. Attempts to make progress within the style or to fuse it with other kinds of music have been met with resistance. Worse still, the stain of far-right politics that has marred certain bands and fans has never been truly rinsed out.

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Wolfgang Van Halen’s Mammoth WVH Shares a New Single and Video for “Another Celebration At The End Of The World” – New Album incoming

Mammoth WVH, led by Hard Rock royalty Wolf Van Halen, is back with its second album Mammoth II. The 10-track record will be available worldwide on August 4th via the band’s new label, BMG. Recorded at the legendary 5150 studio, the album was produced by friend and collaborator Michael “Elvis” Baskette. Mammoth II is available for pre-order in multiple configurations at the link below. Check out the first single and video for “Another Celebration At The End Of The World!”

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ALBUM REVIEW: Liturgy – 93696

When it comes to describing 93696 (Thrill Jockey), the latest album by Liturgy, one could just as well start by describing what this album is not. It is not a record to easily put on in the background and definitely not a go-to if you want to reduce your anxiety. Pretty much the opposite is true. This is a record screaming in your ears for attention, that induces anxiety all along the way.

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CONCERT REVIEW: Eluveitie – Omnium Gatherum – Seven Spires Live at The Majestic Theatre


The snow had finally tapered off right when the doors opened for the night’s event at the historic Majestic Theatre. This beloved spot is one of Detroit’s preferred venues to catch a heavy show. Continue reading

ALBUM REVIEW: Babymetal – The Other One


Babymetal is back as only Babymetal can be. Their new offering is The Other One (Cooking Vinyl). Here are constants you can be sure of when you buy a Babymetal album: amazing technically proficient guitar playing, headbanging goodness, a wild landscape of movement and feeling, and The Other One delivers this with aplomb.


The Other One is a concept album about being in a place called the Metalverse. Each of the ten songs have a specific theme concerning being in the parallel worlds that are discovered within this Metalverse. However, one must understand Japanese to understand the lyrics and the deeper meanings behind the songs. This facet does not distract from the amazeballz that is Babymetal.

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Nita Strauss Shares a New Single “Winner Takes All” ft. Alice Cooper


Fresh off the news that she would be returning to her role as guitarist with the legendary Alice Cooper, Los Angeles-born guitar hero and musical force of nature Nita Strauss has just announced her brand new single “Winner Takes All,” featuring none other than Cooper himself. Listen here. Continue reading

PODCAST: Heavy Business Episode 322 – Exploring Birdsong: Performing Arts School and Co-Writing with Sir Paul McCartney

Heavy Business is a metal marketing podcast presented by C Squared Music. You’ve toiled away to make your music great, don’t drop the ball on the promotion! Meet your hosts – seasoned PR professional Curtis Dewar, and metal musician Aliyah Daye. We dig deep with our guests on when to DIY your promotion, and when (and how) to get help. Join the conversation as they chat with musicians, record execs, journalists, and more about how to get more eyes (and ears) on your music! Visit for your PR and Marketing needs. Listen as Aliyah and Curtis interview. Exploring Birdsong about going from Performing Arts School to a record deal, co-writing with Sir Paul McCartney.

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Get the Beat On Vaping – Tips for Using Music To Enhance Your Cannabis Vaping Experience


Are you in search of a new way to enhance your cannabis vaping experience?

Music is often thought of as a pathway to relaxation, and when combined with the therapeutic experience provided by high-quality vaporizers like those from MagicVaporizers’ offer, the result is amplified relaxation. From soundtrack selection to vaporizing frequency and mood matching, there are plenty of ways that music can boost your vaping session. In this blog post, we will show you how best to leverage tunes to get beat on cannabis vaping. We’ll cover tips such as compatible tempo to regulate flow control through a vape pen and more–all designed so that you can gain every drop of pleasure by combining music with smoking weed. Let’s get started!

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