Page Hamilton of Helmet to Give Lessons Online For the First Time Ever

Page Hamilton, the legendary leader and frontman of Helmet has decided with the pandemic going on to offer online guitar lessons for the first time in his career. He made the announcement to his mailing list, and via the teaser video on his YouTube channel below. Due to touring, recording, and other rigors of band life, he felt he never had the time, but now seems to be the right time. Page also revealed a documentary about the band is in the works, but won’t be completed until after potential tour dates in 2021. Helmet has toured the world in the last few years, notably performing the music for the 25th anniversary of their classic album Meantime (Interscope) in 2017, and Betty (Interscope) which turned 25 in 2019. Watch the teaser trailer, read the statement from Page, and book a lesson today!


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After 7 months home all 4 of us in Helmet are thankful to be healthy and safe but we’re going stir crazy from not being out there playing for you.


I’ve never been one to stand on the soapbox (I have a guitar, mic and really loud amps to let off steam) but we hope you are all being considerate and responsible and treating one another with respect. We assume you are as we get to sit front of stage after every show and meet many of you to share stories and discuss the state of things. We’ll have a lot to talk about once touring resumes. For now, be safe. -PH



I’ve been asked about giving guitar lessons for years but never had the time between touring, movie scores, playing guitar on movies, producing albums and tracks for various artists, writing, working on my jazz fantasy album and my orchestral (even bigger fantasy) album.


Touring in 2020 has been officially postponed till 2021 and the next 3 movies lined up to score are not filming so I’m working remotely producing songs for a few people and giving guitar lessons.


Our friend Richard deSilva in Melbourne has been planning a Helmet documentary which would have started filming down under in April, then rescheduled for November now being rescheduled for summer 2021 (US summer); he’s put together a video for my lessons. Can anyone name the song the riff is from? Seriously, I can’t remember! -PH