Otherwise – Peace At All Costs



If we were to be perfectly honest, Nickelback have a lot to answer for (most of which the less said about the better), but biggest of all is the rise of the post grunge/alternative hard rock acts that USA seems to be able to churn out like a conveyor belt. Yes there the few worthwhile and genuine bands that came as a result (Alter Bridge being the best example) but are outnumbered vastly by the hordes of soulless, cookie cutter acts devoid of originality, deviation and substance. Step forward Las Vegas’ own Otherwise.

Latest album Peace At All Costs (Century Media) is yet another exercise in ticking all the boxes in the Fisher Price book of rock clichés. The typical harder tracks sit side by side with the obligatory softer, near acoustic ballads whilst lyrically it conveys the all too familiar matter of over compensating, alpha male vs forced emotional sentimentality.

Far from being the worst band in this arena of rock music however; with the occasional strong riff, especially the opening one in ‘For The Fallen Ones’ which has an Alter Bridge metallic vibe to it. Otherwise Peace… is a completely forgettable example of a modern day hard rock album with no imagination and even less heart and feel.



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