Obscene Extreme Festival Branches Out To Canada For 2015


obscene extreme canada

Long-running, successful underground metal festival Obscene Extreme Festival has announced a
North American edition for 2015, to take place in Montreal CAN, August 20-23. The festival promises the same aesthetics the original open-air fest, created in the Czech Republic in 1999, promoting the best in truly unique brutal sub-genres of metal, with a focus on Grindcore, Death Metal and Sludge bands. The OE “World Tour” concept was born two years ago and proved fruitful so the new edition stands a chance to catch on as well. OE events are happening all over the globe in 2015, including the grand-daddy event this July 8-12 in Czech Republic. Bands TBA:


From Obscene Extreme’s Facebook Announcement:

Obscene Extreme Festival goes Canada!!!

Alright freaks, mark your calendars for August 20-23, as the Obscene Extreme World Tour will be stopping by Montreal, Quebec for a weekend of extreme music madness!

Get your goregrind banana suit ready, put on your gasmask or your most comfortable stagediving costume and get psyched for a wide selection of underground acts. The first Canadian edition of this DIY party will bring the best of grindcore, crust, punk, death, thrash, hardcore, and everything in-between to the stage.

The Obscene Extreme Festival began in the Czech Republic in 1999, and over the past 16 years, more than 700 bands from all over the world have rocked its stage. The Obscene Extreme World Tour was born 2 years ago out of the desire to bring the carnage to extreme music fans worldwide. After Mexico, Indonesia, Australia, and Japan, we’re bringing the blasting madness of Obscene Extreme to Montreal, Canada. Get ready for a 4 day trip of fast, brutal, and destructive musical violence.

5 reasons the Obscene Extreme World Tour is going to blow your mind:

1. Truly underground.
Obscene Extreme is one of the few truly underground festivals to unite big, genre-defining bands, and small, cult bands.

2. Vegan-friendly.
Whatever you do or don’t do, believe or practice, you’re welcome at Obscene Extreme.

3. Fair ticket price.
No massive booking agent or energy drink mega-festival bullshit, Obscene Extreme is affordable for everyone.

4. No shitty rules, no shitty security.
Stage diving, stage invasions and more, all welcome. Obscene Extreme treats you like people and doesn’t stop you having fun.

5. Grindcore carnival.
Wear a gasmask, dress as a goregrind banana, Obscene Extreme is more than a festival – it’s a party!

Welcome to the Obscene Extreme Family.

For more info, check on the OEF website & see you soon!!!

Curby/Obscene, Obscene Extreme founder says :

Some of you can be surprised why we choose Canada for another American Obscene Extreme. We have been trying hard to find a good venue in the US for over a year. I was simply trying everything, asked my friends, asked the OEF friendly bands, everyone I know and almost every person mentioned Canada as the place very close to Europe.

Well, and of course when people mention Canada they always mention Montreal as the place with huge metal/punk/hardcore scene and simply a lovely city to visit! When bands used to come for rare gigs they would always go up there. It has been known to have concerts that come closest to being in Europe.

So another year, another country, another adventure!!!

I personally can’t wait to meet all the loyal American OEF fans and supporters face to face!

I want to say that we are very serious about this festival (as any other OE festival) and we’ll try to set up a solid line-up for the first volume and try to anchor here for some more crazy shows and years.

Be there or fuck off!!!

AUGUST 20-23, 2015